Meet The CEO 🤟🏾

Hello Beautiful people! My name is Tempest Stokes, an Afro-Jamaican Deaf Artist, born Deaf in a hearing family from Raleigh, NC.

My passion is to serve, give back to the Deaf community, and individuals who identify with disabilities plus by connecting them to the right resources within our community. Since direct services for the Deaf are very limited it is my duty to ensure accessibility to communication and direct therapy in mental health is provided in their primary language i.e., American Sign Language/Black ASL. 

I started Oya Reigns as a therapeutic activity to help keep me preoccupied while working from home for the last year due to COVID-19. I wanted to introduce the world to a natural, hand made organic soap solution for all types of skin care worries. Personal hygiene is essentially a mental health issue and coming from the social work field it has taught me to empower others to be “Be clean and Glow”. Hence the reason for my slogan.

With all that is going on in the World, and though I identify as a Strong Black Deaf Woman and now a humble business owner, I want to show the world that I can do anything as a hearing person can do except hear! It is about breaking stereotypes and barriers. If I can do it, what is your excuse? I want to spread awareness to the world that “DEAF CAN!” hence support is encouraged and sincerely appreciated.

All my products are made naturally, handmade, organic, anti animal cruelty free with a dash of extra love and passion from my hands that would benefit any individual who experience depression, anxiety, stress etc. These products will empower/uplift your spirit. It also helps you to be mindfully strong and optimistic about yourself. Oh! and Yes! it is a Unisex product.

It's all about “Being Clean & Glowing”. You will not regret this purchase! OYA REIGNS will always bring out the storm in you!